Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Rivet

Paris - Roubaix

Who will hoist the trophy this year?

Tune in early because the action starts at 6 am on NBC Sports Live Extra.  In addition, there will be another Wiskota Team group text started as soon as the Commish can drag himself out his hotel bed.  

As for favorites, one name looms large.  Can anyone top Cancellera?  At this point it seems hard to imagine. Sep Van Marcke has seemed to be on the best form.  Boonen obviously has the most experience and wins, but was lacking in Flanders.  GVA has been ripping it up, doing everything but winning.  Phinney was born for this race, but is it too soon?  Eddy the Boss has been given the go ahead at Sky, will Wiggo and the Penguin be there in the end as well?  Kristoff seems like a real tough son of a bitch, can he make it to the velodrome? Will Thor finally get his?  Or will one of Omega Pharma's many 2nd lieutenants ride away from the pack?  I haven't even mentioned Sagan, Degenkolb or Pozzato... Everybody has got a dog in the race so fire up the laptop and hit the cobbles.


Wiskota Podium:


Is it weird that I kind of want Wiggo to pull this out?  Tour/Roubaix winner, epic.  Also, I'm serious about that Haymaker pick, dude has serious experience.  


Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's Miller Time, Bitch!
Spartacus takes his record tying 3rd Ronde.  There have been so many races and so little time to recap.  The points are updated and ready for Roubaix.  Feel free to comment on your favorite moments from the cobbled classics season so far.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Broom Wagon up after the weekend of racing. 

Milan-San Remo
There can be only one!
Kristoff unleashes the krakken in San Remo

An impressive Alexander Kristoff takes the biggest win of his career.  Cancellera sprints to a second place finish while WFL riders Cavendish, Stybar and Sagan round out the top ten.

Friday, March 21, 2014

On the Rivet

...who's racing hard this weekend. 

Milan - San Remo
The Sunny Italian Riviera: 2013
The first Monument of the season is here!  100 big points are on the line this Sunday.  Here's a quick list of who we should be looking for.  

WFL Favorites

Gregario Forza:  Nibbles

Team Volpe: Cancellera

Team Wiskota Dynamic:  Sagan

Mailott Jaune Guillame:  Kreuziger

Le Pacte de Loups:  Thomas

STP Greenline-Unobtanium: Van Avermaet

Taco:  Degenkolb

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Broom Wagon up after the week's racing.

La Ronca Takes Nice
It's all about the brown shorts
Pistolero Takes Tirreno
"I'm coming for you FrommeDogg"

Points, Points, Points.  Most teams (sorry Volpe) made a big jump in points last week as the WFL sent tons of riders to the all important week long stage races that mark the start of spring. 

 "The Race to the Sun", with it's new course saw "more aggressive" riders go for overall victory.  Stage wins and time bonuses were the name of the game as there was no TT or high mountain finish.  Perfect race for a climby puncheur with a finishing kick.  Carlos Betancur took advantage of a beneficial course and a strong team (that's right AG2R, a strong team) to take home the biggest win of his young career.  The sky is the limit for La Ronca.  Wondering why Betancur is nicknamed the raspy voiced woman?  Of course you were.  Click here and wonder no more.  

"The Race of the Two Seas" had a star studded lineup this year.  Froome dropped out as did Porte half way through.  However, that should not take away from Alberto Contador's dominant climbing performance.  Pistolero is back and showed some classic panache with an attack from 30 K to go, dropping the likes of Nairo Quintana on the penultimate climb.  If you haven't seen the end of this stage and it's 30% gradients you gotta check it out.  Also, Greg you should totally buy this T-Shirt.

All in all, there were plenty of points to be had.  Le Pacte de Loups was a big winner with Contador racking up huge points.  It could have been even bigger had Geraint Thomas not crashed out of Paris Nice. Team Dirty Sanchez's moved out of the basement with the help of 6 different rider's scoring including such legendary Taco rider's as Fuglsang and Degenkolb.  Wiskota Dynamic had a good week as well to retain the overall lead.  The biggest losers are Volpe, who has dropped to the bottom of the charts and Forza who just can't seem to keep the pace.  

Look for Gregario's "Chapeau" later this week as well as a preview of the first of the five Monuments, Milan-Sanremo. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Broom Wagon

... cleaning up after the week's events. 

The Classics Have Begun
The Season of the Strong Men

This weekend the classics got under way with the racing of the first cobbled classic of the season, the Omloop het Niewsblad.  Bill came up big with the huge Englishman Ian Stannard pulling off an impressive diesel style sprint.  He went super early and GVA just couldn't come around.  Lots of people picked up minor points here as WFL riders took the top 5 spots.  

It's recreation time!

The sprinters classic of Kuurne - Brussels - Kuurne ended with a group sprint as Quick step shredded the peloton on the few early hills and used their power to stay away until the end.  Boonen's sprint was all but a formality even with a speedy Moreno Hofland making a valiant effort.

A few crashes marked the beginning of the classics season. Most notably for BMC.  Both Thor and Phinney had injuries but both should be just fine.  Despite how bad it looks. 

Phinney continues to earn his stripes

The Classica de Almeria was also this weekend.  Only one WFL rider managed to score points here.  But it should be noted that those 5 points from Tiago Machado were enough to boost Eric the Neo-Pro past Gregario Forza into 4th place overall.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Spokes Man

... Talking points from the Commish


A Grand Tour Stage, a thug poet body art competition, The Ronde

Name three things Pippo Pozzato is NOT going to win this season.

As March approaches and the first part of the season comes to a close (let's be honest nobody cares that much about Qatar) it is time for the real fun to begin.  Classics season is upon us.  This is where casual fans become pro cycling fanatics.  Many people cite the Omloop Het Volk (Niewsblad) as the real start to the season.  And as thus we here at the WFL should take the opportunity to get on the record now.  Who is going to win what this year?  Make some predictions and have some fun with it.  You can make any prediction you want, but if you are in need of some inspiration: What pick is your for sure lock of the season?  Surprise win of the season? Upset? Comeback?  Joker pick?  Let's hear it, bragging rights are on the line.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Broom Wagon

... cleaning up after the week's racing.

Oh, Man
FroomeDogg seals the overall in Oman for the second year in a row.  Is this the beginning of another dominant season.  Greipel sprinted to three stage wins.  Is this the beginning of another dominant season?  With 5 different riders scoring, Team Wiskota Dynamic managed to extend his overall lead.  Is this the beginning of another dominant season?

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Spokes Man

... talking points from The Commish 

Is BMC Cool Again?

When BMC joined the Pro Tour in 2010 English speakers everywhere took note.  With the legendary Ochowicz of Team 7-11 fame at the helm and riders like Cadel Evans and Big George Hincapie leading the charge this quasi American team seemed like an obvious fan favorite.  A Tour de France win and a string of big name signings including Thor and PhilGil bolstered their reputation.  When TVG and Phinney (the great American hopes for the future) signed with BMC it became obvious this is the team to follow.  Well, that was 2 years ago and since then things haven't quite worked out as planned.  The retirement of Hincapie, a lack of results from their classics hopefuls, failure to win another grand tour and the less then meteoric progress of the great American hopes paired with the rise of another dominant English speaking team has left us with one question: is BMC still cool?

As 2014 gets into gear BMC seems poised to regain the title of coolest team.  But what really makes a team cool? Kits and Sponsors: Sure red and black is always cool and the whole Swiss watch connection naturally lends itself to the sport of racing.  National Champs:  Gotta do those jersey's well. Check the team pic above, looking good.  But we all know it's the riders that make the team.  Evans, Thor and Gilbert look to make a resurgence.  A cool team needs solid veterans but more importantly young guys who can shake things up.  Van Avermaet is a strong man to be reckoned with. Phinney is starting to win things and with his haircut and Twitter account he should keep the fans busy all year.  But the biggest change this year is the all out support for TVG.  Yeah, he gives a horrible interview but if he becomes the second American to win the Tour we won't care.  Oh yeah, did I mention they added a bad ass Colombian and Sammy Sanchez?  Cool again?  You tell me.

On the Rivet

... a look at who's riding hard this week. 

The GC boys come out to play

Once again Oman lays host to the first big showdown between the grand tour contenders.  FroomeDogg, JRod, Nibs, TVG, Gesink, The brothers Schleck, Uran, Pinot, Kreuziger and Jerkin' Hand 'n Cock should all be there when they hit the foot of the Green Mountain.  The winner of this stage (stage 5 on Saturday) will probably win the overall.  But the lumpy profile of some earlier stages especially the circuit of stage 4 may see a few top riders drop out of contention before the big climb.  In addition to the GC battle Oman serves as a final tune up for the roleurs, puncheurs and sprinters of the spring classics.  The likes of Sagan, Boonen, Iglinsky, Kristoff, Terpstra, Stybar and Gilbert will give it a go on some of the tougher stages.  While I expect Greipel to wipe the sandy desert floor with the likes of Bouhanni and Forster in the straight up sprints.

Wiskota Podium: