Monday, December 8, 2014

From the Commish

Even in retirement there is no off-season for Cipo 
A few things need to be worked out before the start of next season.  First, when is the draft?  The Tour Down Under starts on Tuesday, January 20th.  The weekend before is busy with birthdays, pond hockey and NFL playoffs.  I suggest we either meet Sunday night or do it Monday (MLK Day).  I know about half of us have that day off, but we could do it whatever time works for everybody.  If that does not work we could always do it the weekend before that (10th or 11th).  Please let me know what you think.

Second, what's up with the rule changes?  We have talked about dropping most of the euro level races, but cherry picking a few that we like.  Also, there has been discussion of changing some of the points for these non UCI World Tour races.  Namely, reducing the points available in the US races and the Worlds.  Having almost all of our races be from the World Tour should make drafting and the point system easier to understand.  In addition, it will be much easier for me to tally, not to mention reducing the need for weird pirated feeds from Italy.  So there it is let me know what you think and if there is a non World Tour race that you want included let me know.   Wiskota!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wiskota League Banquet
November 7th 
Pancho Villa on Eat Street enters it's 3rd year of
 Wiskota Fantasy League sponsorship
Time to toast the season and chow some bubbling cauldrons of mystery mexi-meat.  I'm thinking 6:30 at Pancho Villa for dinner then possibly hitting some other spots in the neighborhood.  See you there. Wiskota!  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Three in a row for 
Team Wiskota Dynamic!!!

 The Commish keeps a close eye on the peloton
from the Wiskota Dynamic team car

Another season of the Wiskota Fantasy League has come to a close.  Team Wiskota Dynamic takes a historic third consecutive victory with Le Pacte de Loups and Gregario Forza rounding out the podium.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Il Lombardia

Oh, Danny Boy...
Martin attacks in the final K 
Another big score for Le Pacte de Lupes has, in all likely hood, secured second year director sportif, Steven, 2nd place overall in the Wiskota Fantasy League.  Danny boy Martin finally delivered on that high draft pick.

Maybe now he can get his teeth fixed
Only a few races to go and only one more world tour stage race left, the vaunted Tour of Beijing.  Coming off of the only, somewhat interesting year, ever, this piece of crap race is now defunct.  Who will take this final race, who cares?  Wait a minute, the final podium position is still up for grabs can the Neo-Pro hold on?  Will Volpe manage to squeeze out a few more sprint points?  Can Bill make a move or will he experience his first season off of the podium?  Does Gregario have enough left in the tank? He only needs 56 points.  Will Taco claim his second ever lanterne rouge?  Yes, yes he will.  Will we be eating tacos together as a team soon?  I hope so.  I'll be hitting people up for possible banquet dates, so check back soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wiggo Worlds
The Kwiat1
A major shakeup in points as Volpe scores big time in Ponferreda.  Only a few races left and the race for the podium of the Wiskota Fantasy league is as tight as it can be with a mere 64 points separating 3rd place from 6th place.  Will anyone challenge Le Pacte de Loups for 2nd place?  

As the season comes to a close our eyes turn to the Wiskota Fantasy League banquet.  I'm looking at late October, maybe the 24th or 25th.  Let me know what you think.  Wiskota!

Monday, September 15, 2014

La Vuelta!

Bang Bang, lights out

The final Grand Tour of the year is complete and our season is down to it's last few weeks.  Contador and Le Pacte de Loups scored a lot of points and is making a legitimate run for first place.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Broom Wagon up after the week of racing.

Yup, that's Nature Valley Grand Prix all star
Serghei Tvetcov rounding out the podium

Le Pact de Lupes cleans up in the USA Pro Cycling challenge taking first and second place as well as a few stage wins.  STP Greenline managed to squeeze a few more points out of the magic man, Rafal Majka.

Look Farrar beat Cav!
Wiskota Dynamic and Volpe racked up some sprinty points in the Vattenfalls Cyclassics.

Friday, August 15, 2014

From the Commish

Transfer Period #3

The third and final transfer period will open on Monday the 18th at 8 am.  This transfer period will close at midnight on Friday the 22nd just in time for the start of the final grand tour of the season, the Vuelta a Espana.  This transfer period takes place during the Tour of Colorado (USA Pro Cycling Challenge), your current rosters will count for this race and transfers will not start to count until the Vuelta.
We've got a close competition this year with a heated battle for first as well as the rest of the podium spots. So, make some moves and enjoy the last part of the season.  Look for a few more Team Wiskota events including a Vuelta viewing party before the end of season team banquet.


As always, leave a message in the comments section to make a transfer.
Nibali Wins The Tour!!!

Drop Cancellera on the cobbles
Drop everyone in the mountains

Kick back some champagne

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tour Stage Challenge

Stage              Patrick        Luke        Greg

1                      0                  0              3
2                      0                  0              0
3                      0                  2              3
4                      3                  0              0
5                      0                  0              0
6                      0                  2              0
7                      2                 0              0
8                     0                  2               1
9                     0                 0               0
10                   0                  3              2
11                   0                  0              0
12                   0                  0              2
13                   3                 0              0
14                   0                 0               2
15                   0                 3               0
16                   2                 3               0
17                   0                 1               3
18                   0                 0               3
19                   0                 0               0
20                   0                 3               0
21                   0                 2               3

Total:              10                 21           22

Gregario Forza Wins!

Volpe and The Commish owe you a beer.