Thursday, April 26, 2018

From the Commish

Transfer Meeting #1
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Wheelin' and a Dealin'

The first ever Wiskota transfer event has been scheduled for Wednesday May 2nd at 7:30.  We'll look to arouse our Giro d'Italia enthusiasm with some pizza at Carbone's on Cedar with a possible Negroni or two before/after at Italian Eatery across the piazza.  Bellisima. 

So, how does this work.  Well, short answer: not totally sure.  Long answer: like a waiver wire free agent situation.  Basically if you want to add someone you need to wait your turn on waivers.  That order is determined by your league standings (which I will update tomorrow).  The person in last place has first crack at picking up one (1) free agent. After that person picks or declines to participate we move to the next person up on the standings.  We repeat until nobody wants to make any more moves.  If you pick up somebody obviously you have to drop somebody.  Trades can be made at any time during the meeting.  Remember you only get the points that rider earns while you have them. 

If you feel like making moves or not you should come on out.  We can recap some season highlights and talk about the upcoming Giro d'Italia.  If you can't make it I will send out a group text when we start and if you want to make some moves we can patch you in via text or Google docs. 


Monday, April 9, 2018

The Broom Wagon

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Brunch was enjoyed by all

Silvan Dillier held on after 200k in the breakaway to score an impressive second place on the cobbles.  Off to the Ardennes!  First point update coming soon.  Wiskota!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On the Rivet

...a look at who's riding hard this week.
Image result for omloop het nieuwsblad flecha poster
Intense Flecha 
I know the Team Wiskota blog has been uncharacteristically quiet so far this season but hey, I've been pretty busy.  Despite my preoccupation working with Team Schmidt Fam p/b DiaperChange, I cannot ignore the importance of the coming weekend.  OMLOOP!  That's right, cobbles.  Enough dusty ass middle eastern sprint stages, let's get to some real racing.  The season is about to start getting real cool with the traditional european races on deck.  Before you know it we'll have Paris-Nice and Milan-San Remo, but to kick it all off we first need to head to cold, rainy, muddy, beautifully sloppy Belgium.  This year's edition of the Omloop features a classic route used for many years in the Ronde, so for the fan in the know the end should look familiar.  But don't worry you don't have to know the route to be entertained.  This race is full of cobbles and hellingen, they even throw in a muur or two.  Wiskota Fantasy League is full of classics riders so check your team and check the startlist then tune in round 8:30 am Saturday morning.  Wiskota!

Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Teams

Nibbles 404
Gilbert 633
Porte 430
Mollema 423
Costa 407
Pozzovivo 359
VanMarke 465
S. Yates 474
Stybar 427
Terpstra 813

Wiskota Team Name Place Holder
Kristoff 523
Quintana 442
Ulissi 309
Landa 516
Izagirre 540
Angel Lopez 444
Naesen 418
Teuns 338
Theuns 118
Kukleire 43

Pac de Lupes
Valverde 1439
Pinot 332
Greipel 156
Kittel 162
Majka 193
Cavendish 87
Dennis 318
Van Garderen 147
Tony Martin 36
Vuillermoz 288

Gaviria 104
Aru 174
Martin 138
Degenkolb 260
Allaphillipe 780
Thomas 361
Chaves 127
Fuglsang 557
Phinney 97
S. Bennett 136

Froome 154
Matthews 465
DeMare 540
Bardet 626
Benoot 726
Barguil 120
Ewan 507
Meintjes 55
Woods 254
VanBarle 89

SufferNUTTZ p/b Hollywood
Sagan 1089
Uran 185
Zakarin 117
Trentin 167
Wellens 780
Henao 258
Colbrelli 507
Jungels 470
Felline 17
Kruisvijk 282

El Nuevo Jefe
Tom Dumoulin 58
Kwiatkowski 626
Groenewagon 296
Roglic 809
Stuyven 518
Gallopin 257
Drucker 173
Albasini 26
Kung 136
Poels 212

Bigmtncali p/b Skandinaviska
GVA 610
Viviani 846
BoHag 270
Bouhanni 104
Visconti 215
Kelderman 173
Adam Yates 266
LL Sanchez 549
Calamajane 348
Nieve 41

Monday, January 8, 2018

From the Commish

Draft Day 2018
Friday Jan. 19th

Image result for cycling drafting
Get ready for some drafting

It's 10 below and the streets are frozen so you know what that means...must be time for the cycling season to start.  It's summer down under and the world tour is getting under way.  We will be meeting Friday night this year in order to try to watch the queen stage of the TdU while we draft.  Detes coming soon.   

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Spokes Man

...talking points from The Commish

Froome to the Giro
Image result for chris froome kimono
Daniel Larusso's gonna fight?!
With the addition of the best Grand Tour  rider of our generation (I don't really believe that, but the Spokes Man has got to please the Tifosi with a bit of writing panache) to the Giro startlist this may just be the best Giro ever.  Now I've seen a few Giri in my day and I unapologetically love it, sometimes more than the Tour, sometimes.  But having said that, the Giro always seems to be missing something.  That something is the Tour favorite.  The person many would cite as the best rider in the world.  Well, this year will not be the same.  This year, Froome Dogg is gonna lay it all on the line.  Will he win the Giro effectively sweeping the grand tours (3 in a row)?  Can he go on to win the Tour also, scoring the unprecedented (at least off the top of my head with no research, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Merckx has done it) GT Double-Double?  Or will Sky's plan for world dominance crash and burn?  Is Icarus flying to high?  Will Froome lose the Giro then come to the Tour tired, lose that too and then never achieve the record tying 5th Tour?  He was no Indurain they'll say.  Doomed forever to the second eschelon of Tour winners?   This is what I'll be routing for, but I'm a dick and without a legit Tour contender of my own I will have to route for that famous German cyclist Schadenfreude. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

From the Commish

Wiskota League Banquet
November 10th!!!

Image result for british teeth
Come cheers Eric's victory

 Brit's Pub, Friday night 6 o'clock drinks, 7 dinner.  Be there.  Wiskota!

Friday, October 13, 2017

STP GreenLine p/b Unobtanium Wins!!!

Take the GreenLine
Wiskota's bad boy of cycling makes good

In a historic worst to first scenario Eric and his STP GreenLine has taken his first Wiskota League championship.  The upstart GreenLine squad first raised eyebrows with their unorthodox drafting style choosing to keep Bling Mathews in the first round only to shock everyone by landing Froome in the second.  STP GreenLine DS Eric Reichow has taken heat for his irreverent management and flashy style in the past, but rather than push back he has chosen to embrace his "wrong side of the tracks" persona.   "We had to keep it real, it's not about selling out here like some other fantasy squads" noted Reichow.  "Some people want the attention that comes with having the world champ, that's fine for them, but we're not going to go all Hollywood" he continued. In the end, Team STP Greenline p/b Unobtanium was able to win it all and on their own terms.  Things are looking up for Team STP, so what's next?  "It's only going to get better from here", stated Eric, "It's like Timbuk 3 says, the future's so bright... I gotta wear shades."

Friday, September 22, 2017

On the Rivet

Flamme Rouge

Image result for flamme rouge cycling
Red Kite Prayer

We are into the final stretch of the Wiskota Fantasy Season.  While many of us got dropped by STP Greenline at Le Tour a few more made it over the kom and looked to battle it out at the Giro.  Despite a good effort Gregario Forza was unable to match STP's brute power and Forza's dreams of overall victory wilted in the Spanish sun.  It looked as though STP would coast to the finish but just as he began to relax Rainbow Jersey Robert has bridged across the gap and is fighting to get in the slipstream.  They have passed under the red kite as Worlds and Il Lombardia approach.  Will STP Greenline stay away with a strong performance at Worlds or will Rainbow Jersey Robert make this a two up sprint coming down to the final monument of the year in Lombardy?  Wiskota!   

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Broom Wagon

Froome Wins Vuelta!

Image result for vuelta 2017 podium

Team STP GreenLine Unobtainium crushes the Vuelta taking first and third overall.  Forza hangs on for second place as his hopes for Wiskota overall victory dwindle.  Will Worlds be the decider?  Check back soon for a points update.