Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tour Stage Challenge

Stage              Patrick        Luke        Greg

1                      0                  0              3
2                      0                  0              0
3                      0                  2              3
4                      3                  0              0
5                      0                  0              0
6                      0                  2              0
7                      2                 0              0
8                     0                  2               1
9                     0                 0               0
10                   0                  3              2
11                   0                  0              0
12                   0                  0              2
13                   3                 0              0

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Transfer Period 2

Tour de France
map_home.jpg (351×465)
Let's do this
Alright, this is why we play this game.  The Grand Boucle is upon us and it's time to get your Tour team tuned up.  This Transfer period was moved directly before the Tour by popular demand meaning your pickups can be based on the most up to date info.  Transfers open at 8 AM on Monday the 23rd and close on midnight the 4th of July.  As always, just leave a comment on this post to make a transfer.  Vive Le Tour! Wiskota!

Broom Wagon up after the week of racing.

Froome.jpg (690×460)
Soak it in, you just beat Pistolero
Solid riding and one ballsy break away earned Andrew Talansky the biggest win of his career. 
Tour-de-Suisse-2014-stage-9-profile.jpg (610×245)
The race hasn't been decided yet as they saved the queen stage for the final day.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Broom Wagon: Giro Recap

Nairo-Quintana-y-Rigoberto-UrĂ¡n.jpg (410×301)
Viva Colombia!!!
Nairo Quintana secured his first (of many?) grand tour wins last Sunday.   With the Giro wrapped up the WFL leader board saw its first big reshuffling of the season.  Gregario Forza comes away the big winner scoring a massive (epic) 395 points.  The Tours of Belgium and Bavaria were in there too but for the most part Greg scored his points in the Pink.  Two Giro wins in a row for Gregario Forza, was made even sweeter with Forza beating the Commish in Velogames for the first time ever.  Is this the beginning of a new era?  The Nairo Forza era?  Can Gregario keep it rolling through the summer?  Will the Wiskota Fantasy League crown a new champion this season?
Stay tuned for more details and a previews of the weeks to come.   

Friday, May 2, 2014

From the Commish

Transfer Period 1
The Fight for Pink Begins on May 9th
Transfers open at 8 am on Monday the 5th and close at Midnight Thursday the 8th.  This year there is a scheduling overlap with the 4 Days of Dunkerque race.  Scoring for this race will use your original roster as transfers will not effect this race.  The emphasis is on getting your Giro team together.  To make a transfer simply leave a comment on this post after 8 am on Monday.  First come first served.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Broom Wagon: Ardennes in Review

Yes, those skirts are made out of coasters
GIlbert powered away in Amstel Gold and won the congratulatory beer chug.

"You young guys are going way to soon"

Valverde passed his rivals as if the were sitting still on the Mur de Huy.

Some guy thinks this is art
Gerrans timed it just right in Liege, and redeems himself in the eyes of his beer chugging Aussie bretheren.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Broom Wagon: Cobbled Classics Wrap Up

Until Next Year
The Terpinator destroyed the cobbles this year

Well, not exactly, we are lucky enough to have a cobbled stage coming up in this year's Tour de France.  Time to rattle the bones of some of these ultra skinny climber types, I like it.  But, besides for that little taster, we will have to wait another year to feed our cobbles jones.  Let's recap.

Dwars door Vlaanderen:  In a sign of things to come, the cobbles of the Paterberg got Terpinated (trademark pending) by Maillot Jaune Guillame's killer late round selection, Niki Terpstra.  

E3 Harelbeke: Despite how it may have seemed, Peter Sagan did not come away empty handed from the spring classics season.  He managed a sprint victory, heading a podium group of Terpstra and Geraint that we would get to see a lot more of later in the classics.

Gent-Wevelgem: Degenkolb began the transformation from being considered a sprinter to being considered a classics rider by...winning a sprint finish.  The only thing more ironic is Degenkolb's hipster mustache, or is that the actual style in Germany right now?  Apparently, he shaved his euro stash afterwards thus, dooming his chances for victory in Roubaix. 

The Ronde: We all know how his one turned out.  An epic, legendary, history making effort to bridge the gap by Kristoff came up heart breakingly short.  And some other guy opened a beer on the side of a table or something.

Scheldeprijs:  Skittles owns this race, but I haven't had much of a chance to rip on my boy Ty Ty Farrar yet this year and he came "close" to making me eat crow with a second place finish.  "you don't do that"

Paris-Roubaix:  Another great edition of the queen of the monuments.  In the end, Terpstra got a way for the win, but there was a whole hell of a lot more going on in this race.  The final group was crazy strong.  11 national road race titles, 14 monuments, 30 grand tour stages, 3 cyclocross world championships, 1 road race world champion, 3 green jerseys, 6 gold medals and for the first time since 1992, 1 Tour de France winner.

As the dust settles can we determine a WFL winner here?  Most of us scored significant points.  Eric and Greg keep battling it out for 5th place while Volpe sees his annual Cancellera bump give him some breathing room.  Steven has been raking it in, a bit from G. Thomas but mostly off the cobbles with Contador.  Bill is probably the big winner here as he has inched even closer to first.

On to the Ardennes where we put away our roleurs and bring out our puncheurs.  The WFL is full of climby riders and this next week should be pretty fun.  Tune in. Wiskota!

Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Rivet

Paris - Roubaix

Who will hoist the trophy this year?

Tune in early because the action starts at 6 am on NBC Sports Live Extra.  In addition, there will be another Wiskota Team group text started as soon as the Commish can drag himself out his hotel bed.  

As for favorites, one name looms large.  Can anyone top Cancellera?  At this point it seems hard to imagine. Sep Van Marcke has seemed to be on the best form.  Boonen obviously has the most experience and wins, but was lacking in Flanders.  GVA has been ripping it up, doing everything but winning.  Phinney was born for this race, but is it too soon?  Eddy the Boss has been given the go ahead at Sky, will Wiggo and the Penguin be there in the end as well?  Kristoff seems like a real tough son of a bitch, can he make it to the velodrome? Will Thor finally get his?  Or will one of Omega Pharma's many 2nd lieutenants ride away from the pack?  I haven't even mentioned Sagan, Degenkolb or Pozzato... Everybody has got a dog in the race so fire up the laptop and hit the cobbles.


Wiskota Podium:


Is it weird that I kind of want Wiggo to pull this out?  Tour/Roubaix winner, epic.  Also, I'm serious about that Haymaker pick, dude has serious experience.  


Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's Miller Time, Bitch!
Spartacus takes his record tying 3rd Ronde.  There have been so many races and so little time to recap.  The points are updated and ready for Roubaix.  Feel free to comment on your favorite moments from the cobbled classics season so far.