Monday, September 15, 2014

La Vuelta!

Bang Bang, lights out

The final Grand Tour of the year is complete and our season is down to it's last few weeks.  Contador and Le Pacte de Loups scored a lot of points and is making a legitimate run for first place.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Broom Wagon up after the week of racing.

Yup, that's Nature Valley Grand Prix all star
Serghei Tvetcov rounding out the podium

Le Pact de Lupes cleans up in the USA Pro Cycling challenge taking first and second place as well as a few stage wins.  STP Greenline managed to squeeze a few more points out of the magic man, Rafal Majka.

Look Farrar beat Cav!
Wiskota Dynamic and Volpe racked up some sprinty points in the Vattenfalls Cyclassics.

Friday, August 15, 2014

From the Commish

Transfer Period #3

The third and final transfer period will open on Monday the 18th at 8 am.  This transfer period will close at midnight on Friday the 22nd just in time for the start of the final grand tour of the season, the Vuelta a Espana.  This transfer period takes place during the Tour of Colorado (USA Pro Cycling Challenge), your current rosters will count for this race and transfers will not start to count until the Vuelta.
We've got a close competition this year with a heated battle for first as well as the rest of the podium spots. So, make some moves and enjoy the last part of the season.  Look for a few more Team Wiskota events including a Vuelta viewing party before the end of season team banquet.


As always, leave a message in the comments section to make a transfer.
Nibali Wins The Tour!!!

Drop Cancellera on the cobbles
Drop everyone in the mountains

Kick back some champagne

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tour Stage Challenge

Stage              Patrick        Luke        Greg

1                      0                  0              3
2                      0                  0              0
3                      0                  2              3
4                      3                  0              0
5                      0                  0              0
6                      0                  2              0
7                      2                 0              0
8                     0                  2               1
9                     0                 0               0
10                   0                  3              2
11                   0                  0              0
12                   0                  0              2
13                   3                 0              0
14                   0                 0               2
15                   0                 3               0
16                   2                 3               0
17                   0                 1               3
18                   0                 0               3
19                   0                 0               0
20                   0                 3               0
21                   0                 2               3

Total:              10                 21           22

Gregario Forza Wins!

Volpe and The Commish owe you a beer.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Transfer Period 2

Tour de France
map_home.jpg (351×465)
Let's do this
Alright, this is why we play this game.  The Grand Boucle is upon us and it's time to get your Tour team tuned up.  This Transfer period was moved directly before the Tour by popular demand meaning your pickups can be based on the most up to date info.  Transfers open at 8 AM on Monday the 23rd and close on midnight the 4th of July.  As always, just leave a comment on this post to make a transfer.  Vive Le Tour! Wiskota!

Broom Wagon up after the week of racing.

Froome.jpg (690×460)
Soak it in, you just beat Pistolero
Solid riding and one ballsy break away earned Andrew Talansky the biggest win of his career. 
Tour-de-Suisse-2014-stage-9-profile.jpg (610×245)
The race hasn't been decided yet as they saved the queen stage for the final day.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Broom Wagon: Giro Recap

Nairo-Quintana-y-Rigoberto-Urán.jpg (410×301)
Viva Colombia!!!
Nairo Quintana secured his first (of many?) grand tour wins last Sunday.   With the Giro wrapped up the WFL leader board saw its first big reshuffling of the season.  Gregario Forza comes away the big winner scoring a massive (epic) 395 points.  The Tours of Belgium and Bavaria were in there too but for the most part Greg scored his points in the Pink.  Two Giro wins in a row for Gregario Forza, was made even sweeter with Forza beating the Commish in Velogames for the first time ever.  Is this the beginning of a new era?  The Nairo Forza era?  Can Gregario keep it rolling through the summer?  Will the Wiskota Fantasy League crown a new champion this season?
Stay tuned for more details and a previews of the weeks to come.   

Friday, May 2, 2014

From the Commish

Transfer Period 1
The Fight for Pink Begins on May 9th
Transfers open at 8 am on Monday the 5th and close at Midnight Thursday the 8th.  This year there is a scheduling overlap with the 4 Days of Dunkerque race.  Scoring for this race will use your original roster as transfers will not effect this race.  The emphasis is on getting your Giro team together.  To make a transfer simply leave a comment on this post after 8 am on Monday.  First come first served.