Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Draft Recap cont.

"Quality not quantity, man"

Team Wiskota Dynamic once again flexed his great cycling mind during this year’s draft and managed to somehow make his team even stronger, or at least in the spring classics. With J-Rod in the Ardennes, Sagan in everything (quality not quantity man) and with the addition of Mr. Recreation, Tom Boonen, Team Wiskota will be off to a strong start in 2014. Backing up his big three, Gerrans, Betancur, Ullisi, and Kristoff could as well score big points in the early part of the season. Once it comes to stage racing and Grand Tours the Commish will need to make some moves. Roche, Uran, Inxausti, Kelderman, and Brakjovik hold the hopes of the Commish in the one weekers and J-Rod is the lone GTGC guy on Team Wiskota. Not many holes in this team, if the Commish can make some meaningful moves for the US races and Le Tour, look out, it could be a three peat. Or will it be Sagan playing grab ass, Purito crying and Tommeke being too damn Pretty! Only time will tell.

Purito crying in the rain.

Best Rider: J-Rod                                                                                  X factor: Kristoff

Biggest Reach: Inxausti                                                                          Best Value: Boonen


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  1. Pretty right on. I wish I had more GTGC guys but who doesn't, not enough to go around. I'm going to suffer at Le Tour in that respect but I just might have a few guys stashed away for that race. I got some guys I really wanted, like Gerrans and Kristoff and a few guys I didn't expect to take, like Inxausti and Wilco.
    As for my big three, bad ass. It's fine with me if Sagan gets a few less stage wins in Oman as long as he's there to grab ass in Belgium come spring. A crying Purito was worth 150 points, cry your eyes out, fine with me. Boonen may have the best cobbles palmares of all time. Want to do some blow at studio 54 in the offseason? Fine with me.
    Finally, I know Forza doesn't believe in Ullisi,but I challenge him to put his money where his mouth is. We've already got Janez vs Cunego, who will you put against Diego?