Monday, February 17, 2014

On the Rivet

... a look at who's riding hard this week. 

The GC boys come out to play

Once again Oman lays host to the first big showdown between the grand tour contenders.  FroomeDogg, JRod, Nibs, TVG, Gesink, The brothers Schleck, Uran, Pinot, Kreuziger and Jerkin' Hand 'n Cock should all be there when they hit the foot of the Green Mountain.  The winner of this stage (stage 5 on Saturday) will probably win the overall.  But the lumpy profile of some earlier stages especially the circuit of stage 4 may see a few top riders drop out of contention before the big climb.  In addition to the GC battle Oman serves as a final tune up for the roleurs, puncheurs and sprinters of the spring classics.  The likes of Sagan, Boonen, Iglinsky, Kristoff, Terpstra, Stybar and Gilbert will give it a go on some of the tougher stages.  While I expect Greipel to wipe the sandy desert floor with the likes of Bouhanni and Forster in the straight up sprints.

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  1. Not seeing any of the GreenLine on the list for the Green mountain, I'm a little green about that, sick not envious. Being green to the world of fantasy cycling I feel I am missing important cogs in my machine...sprinters? climbers? point accumulators?