Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Spokes Man

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A Grand Tour Stage, a thug poet body art competition, The Ronde

Name three things Pippo Pozzato is NOT going to win this season.

As March approaches and the first part of the season comes to a close (let's be honest nobody cares that much about Qatar) it is time for the real fun to begin.  Classics season is upon us.  This is where casual fans become pro cycling fanatics.  Many people cite the Omloop Het Volk (Niewsblad) as the real start to the season.  And as thus we here at the WFL should take the opportunity to get on the record now.  Who is going to win what this year?  Make some predictions and have some fun with it.  You can make any prediction you want, but if you are in need of some inspiration: What pick is your for sure lock of the season?  Surprise win of the season? Upset? Comeback?  Joker pick?  Let's hear it, bragging rights are on the line.


  1. I'll start it out. He has not given any intention to even race there, but for some reason I am convinced Evans is going to win Lombardia, Corkscrew Hill style, get away on the final climb and stay away. If he places high at the Giro this could be the "comeback" of the year.

  2. What pick is your for sure lock of the season? Froome Dog will win some stuff.

    Surprise win of the season? Bo Hag at Omloop

    Upset? Chavanel will win Flanders as Boonen and Cancellara play grap ass behind.

    Comeback? Gilbert will win in the Ardennes

    Joker pick? Thomas Voekler upsets the field at Le Tour, podium.

    Further Predictions:

    Quintana wins Giro and Vuelta.

    Nibali scares the crap out of Froome, loses Tour by 3 seconds.

    Stybar has to come back and help Boonen lose to Cancellara, Stybar fights Boonen on the team bus. Takes second to Chava at Flanders after refuc=sing to come back to help Boonen.

    Evans back on the podium at Giro, wins second Worlds Championship.

    Pinot wins takes Polka Dot jersey at Tour, still cant decend.

    Frank and Andy get busted for sharing needles.

    Cunego dissapoints Team Forza, gets dropped for Horner.

    Nocentini wins Strade Bianchi.

    Forza wins the Wiskota fantasy Cycling Challenge!

  3. At Roubaix: Stybar has to come back and help Boonen lose to Cancellara, Stybar fights Boonen on the team bus.

    Flanders: Stybar takes second to Chava after refusing to come back to help Boonen.

    Boonen holes up in a Belgian hostel and does a bunch of recreational drugs.

  4. Stybar vs Blownen huh. INRNG has it all worked out.
    Written by Whit Yost (PAVE PAVE PAVE)

  5. It seems like Gilbert will win an Ardennes but absolutly no indication on the road over the last 2 years that he should.
    Chava not going to win a Monument, but I am still a fan. Paris-Nice Chava surprise?
    Voekler is washed up.
    Quinatana wins neither grand tour, Podiums at Giro.
    Froome will take more time out of Nibs in the final TT, but I predict Nibs puts up a good fight as well. He'll wear the yellow Jersey at some point.
    Strade Bianche is an even cooler race this year. Pumped

  6. I was thinking Samu polka dot jersey. More of a hope than a prediction.

  7. Lock: Froome at Le Tour (lame, I know)
    Surprise: Quintana cracks on a climb at the Giro. Richie Porte finishes out of the top ten.
    Upset: Sagan gets beat in a sprint at Milan San Remo (again)
    Comeback: Contador podiums at Tour. Gerdeman podiums at a WT stage race.
    Joker Pick: Brajkovic podiums at Tirreno Adriatico

  8. Last predictions: Langeveld wins a cobbled classic (non monument)
    Matty The Haymaker Hayman podiums at Paris Roubaix